Little Sandy lost her front left foot to a trap. Luckily, he was rescued and found a home, but his owner had to surrender him after a time due to a change in personal circumstances. At the shelter, Sandy was not the quickest dog and stayed on the sidelines of the pack, but he loves people and was always smiling and giving cuddles. Sandy had been going to adoption events for years, and two months ago her luck changed. A diligent dog-l see oving family carefully studied the Pack’s adoption page, considered their living space and lifestyle and decided to go for a small, low-activity dog. That would be Sandy! He loves having a home and family again. At first, Sandy was painfully easy going, and it took some time for him to gain the confidence to express himself more freely. Recently, Sandy’s new family felt some lumps on his body, which turned out to be enlarged lymph nodes. The vet’s diagnosis is pessimistic, but Sandy continues to have a happy spirit and great appetite, so his owners have decided against invasive treatment and will let Sandy live out the rest of his life as comfortably as possible. They are a dog and a family who love each other very much and remind us of the power of living in the moment.

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