The Pack is a place where dogs meet the world, a place where caring for animals knows no borders. People of many different nationalities volunteer to care for, foster and adopt Taiwan mixed breed dogs from the Pack after learning about their plight and the overcrowding in Taiwan’s shelters.

A case in point is the adopters of Luki and Kiko, whose names were Ivy and Spirit at the Pack Sanctuary. Their adoptive family comes from South Africa and after living in Taiwan for five years became concerned about animal welfare here. They made the life-changing decision to adopt two dogs. With patience and care, these dogs now have a wonderful new life.

The dogs’ adopter, Anja, said: “Any animal lover knows that abandoned and abused dogs is a global problem. We also heard horrible stories of puppy mills in Taiwan and chose not to support this. After visiting a local shelter, we realized that adult dogs seldom get a second chance at life. We did some research and heard that the Pack Sanctuary treats dogs with love and respect.”

“It’s been a very rewarding journey so far. We’ve had Luki and Kiko for seven weeks now. They are loving their new home and getting used to their new lives as part of a family. We’ve seen them grow so much and become more excited every day when they see us. They love going for walks and watching movies with us on weekends,” she said.

Anja and her partner, Minandi went to great lengths to research how to welcome new dogs to their family. After watching a number of Zac George’s videos, they gave Luki and Kiko their own safe spaces and beds to go to sleep and get away whenever they wanted to. In the first two weeks, they introduced the safe places with treats and praise. This also helped with their house training.

Then Anja and Minandi gradually let the dogs have more access to the rest of the house and taught them the house rules, using only positive training techniques. Luki and Kiko are not allowed on sofas, for example, and it was easy to encourage them to get off and go where they could be, all without shouting or scolding. “This has created a strong and trusting bond between us, because they have never been scared of us because of our behavior,” Minandi said.

“Adopting an adult dog is a major commitment, but it will change your life in a very special way. Looking into your dog’s eyes and seeing their unconditional love and appreciation really changes you. Knowing that you are giving them a better life is just priceless,” she said.

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