Weini is the longest-serving animal caretaker at the Pack Sanctuary. He and his girlfriend moved to Taipei from Tainan three years ago to start a new life. Starting as someone who had never had his own dog, Weini found a great new life indeed at the Pack!

Weini said that, being from the south, it took some doing to get used to Sanzhi’s wet and cold weather — sometimes as cold as 7 C. He’s even seen snow on the mountaintops across from the sanctuary. No matter the weather, Weini still braves the outdoor elements to make sure the dogs’ needs are met.

Three years ago, Weini couldn’t read dogs’ emotions and moods and was even bitten as a result, but today the dogs see and return his kindness and crowd around him asking to be petted. This has given him his greatest sense of accomplishment.

Weini loves spending time with the dogs every day. He calls out their names and is familiar with the personality of each one. During feed time, he pays careful attention to the physical condition of each dog to see if anyone needs special attention. He’s especially attentive near the ends of meals and watches the pushier dogs to prevent fights.

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