About PACK

Our Mission

​Making a better world for unwanted and abused animals – P.A.C.K is People for Animal Care and Kindness, a dedicated animal welfare and rescue organization in northern Taiwan. Our organization specializes in rescuing animals that are suffering greatly or in grave danger. Currently, we care for more than 345 dogs. We provide animals with the best care possible while educating the public regarding critical animal rights and welfare issues. ​

PACK collaborates with reputable organizations and the government in Taiwan to be a key contributor in eradicating animal suffering, to promote health and welfare of animals, to reduce the number of homeless and unwanted pets, raise awareness in the public, and to care for and value domestic and wild animals.

Our Philosophy – No animal deserves to suffer.
Our Vision – A world without unnecessary animal suffering.
Our Strategy – Change human behavior.
Our Next Goal – Building an urban adoption center.

Our Strategies

Changing Human Behavior through:

  • Humane Education, Awareness and Advocacy Campaigns
  • Community Outreach, Networking, and Partnerships
  • Temporary and long-term shelter for unwanted animals
  • Comprehensive adoption programs for rescued animals
  • Animal Assisted Therapy Programs for elderly and infirm
  • Training advice and workshops to communities and individuals
  • Collaborate with local community leaders to address the problems regarding street animals
  • Implement logical plans of action with measurable results

The Pack Team

The PACK Team

​Larry Chi – Executive Director
Josh Yu – Assistant Manager | Animal Care
Sheri Katona – Volunteer Coordination
​Wayne Ku – General Dogsbody

The Board of Supervisors

Tracy Carrothers
Stacey Chung

The Board of Directors

Faye Angevine
Crystal Chang
Ping Chu
Celeste Hsueh

Mayumi Hu
Spencer Hudsen
Mascha Kapoor
Adam McMillan

Vivek Sharma