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The Pack depends entirely on private donations. Our expenses run to at least NT$1 million a month, or NT$12 million per year to rent over 10,000 square meters of space and to hire professional shelter managers and animal carers to provide a high quality of life to over 200 dogs.

Your kindness gives the Pack’s animals balanced diets, clean drinking water, shelter from the elements, monthly flea and tick control, deworming, socialization and training, and most important of all, opportunities to be adopted in Taiwan and abroad.  We also provide rehabilitative care for injured and older animals.

If you’re thinking of giving a one-time gift, please consider making a regular recurring donation to help the Pack have more predictable income and financial sustainability so that we can provide uninterrupted professional care for animals.

How to donate

Your regular support gives animals a stable, high standard of care. Friendly dogs get the chance to find families. Aged and disabled dogs get the long-term care they deserve. Schoolchildren learn about animal protection and adoption. These activities to promote animal welfare depend entirely on your support.

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Bank or ATM transfer

上海商銀  Shanghai Commercial Bank

Account name: 社團法人臺灣巴克動物懷善救援協會

Account no : 1910 20000 81567

Bank code : 011  Branch code: 0196


*Donations to the Pack are tax-deductible in Taiwan. If you need a receipt, after making a donation by bank transfer, please send your name, ID no., address, telephone number, the name or entity to which the receipt should be issued and the last five digits of your bank account number to

Sponsor a long-staying dog

At PACK Sanctuary we care for hundreds of animals. Many of them are special needs animals that require extra attention and expenses. We have blind animals, animals with just two limbs, animals with cancer, and animals that are just plain aging.

Some dogs will most likely never be adopted because of their age or temperament. But we love our long stay dogs for the rest of their lives!

Without the regular support of wonderful donors like you, we could never take care of so many special needs animals. Please consider sponsoring one of our animals below.

As thanks for your support we will send you regular updates about your new sponsored animal. And when you have time, please schedule in a visit. Perhaps during a volunteer day?

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Sponsor long staying dogs

Buddy / Male / Born in 2013
Kanga / Female / Born in  2013
Kido / Male / Born in 2011

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Keep a dog warm this winter

Thanks to our concerned supporters, heating lamps have been purchased and installed to keep dog warms during northern Taiwan’s frigid, wet and windy winters. In the long-term, donations are needed to keep the 18 lamps in good repair and to pay  considerable electric bills.


2021 PACK desk calendar

As we look forward to a better year for the world, purchase the Pack’s 2021 calendar and see adorable pooches every month while helping dogs find adoptive homes and giving handicapped and older dogs the sanctuary care they deserve.


三腳狗狗航向幸福- 臺灣巴克

Giving ‘unadoptables’ happiness abroad

Large dogs, black dogs and dogs missing limbs and with other physical disabilities have a very low chance of being adopted in Taiwan. Many spend years waiting for their own humans to come. In the past few years, we have successfully placed “unadaptable” dogs with loving families abroad.

Building more indoor kennels

Many older and chronically ill dogs need to the warmth and shelter of indoor spaces in the winter. With kennel space limited at the sanctuary’s Pack Rehabilitation Center, we urgently need to raise funds to build more indoor kennels.


New gates and fencing

Fencing at the sanctuary has deteriorated after being in use for over five years, increasing the risk of dogs escaping. While temporary reinforcements and partial repairs have helped, the dogs are in need of new gates and fencing to ensure their safety.

三腳狗狗航向幸福- 臺灣巴克

Special diets for old dogs with allergies

Several older dogs at the sanctuary suffer from food allergies. Like Bodhi, an eight-year-old black dog, who scratches and wounds himself because of severe itchiness when eating regular dog food. Donations to buy hypoallergenic food let dogs like Bodhi live a itch-free, happier life.

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