Forging higher standards in animal welfare

PACK Taiwan is non-profit organization that provides a home and hope for the forgotten dogs of Taiwan. PACK HQ in Shanzhi is both sanctuary and shelter, offering a home for around 200 of Taiwan's forgotten dogs - the sick, disabled, senior, abused and neglected.

We provide a high quality home for around 200 dogs

Our center features a dedicated medical team, trainers and dog care professionals. We strive to meet international shelter standards whenever possible.

We give dogs the best chance to find a new home

The PACK Academy prepares stray dogs for successful adoption through behavior assessment, socialization and training. We also assess and train humans to ensure the right fit for our furry friends!

We share knowledge and information

Through workshops, volunteer events, student engagement and corporate partnerships, PACK promotes the adoption of stray dogs and helps humans build a stronger relationship with their dogs

About PACK Taiwan

PACK Taiwan is the guardian of forgotten dogs. Our center, PACK HQ, is both sanctuary and shelter and offers them a high quality home and the best hope for a fulfilling life.

Today, PACK Taiwan focuses on providing homeless dogs with a high quality home and the best chance of finding a forever home.

PACK actively works to increase the Taiwan public's acceptance of forgotten dogs and encourages people to take action by adopting, fostering or donating.

Friends of the PACK