Girl • 10 years old • Capricorn • Mixed Breed

My story

My story

"I have a classic heart-shaped face, a charming little butt and Dumbo-like ears. You probably can’t even tell that I’m the mother of three kids!"

Before I came to the PACK Taiwan, I lost all my hair and my body was covered with all kinds of skin disease. I was also pregnant and just wasn’t in great health. Fortunately, the humans here are very kind to me! They helped me deliver my babies and gave me great post-partum care. It wasn’t long before my kids and I were able to live happily and comfortably. My hair grew back to be shiny and golden. Look at it now, isn't it beautiful?

My background is a mystery. Some people say that I’m part Shiba Inu, so my temperament is a bit peculiar. But I don't think so! I might not be as happy-go-lucky as some of the other dogs at PACK Taiwan. In fact, I might come off as a bit aloof sometimes. I don’t give my attention to just anyone!

How I respond to people depends on my mood. If I’m having a good day, I might come and greet you. But if I’m being moody, you’ll have to understand that I’m a mother of three kids, life is hard! But seriously, I really appreciate all my supporters because, without you, I couldn’t live such a comfortable life. I love it here!

I’m the boss of our area and I’m super busy because I must take care of everyone. It’s a big responsibility but, to be honest, I’m pretty and smart enough to take on the challenge. I’m a unique case at PACK Taiwan because not only am I a resident, I’m also a mother. I need to make sure all the residents here and my kids are doing well!

If you are willing, please come and visit me! We can start as friends and you can come see my beauty with your own eyes. I just have one small request! Please help and support my friends and kids so they can enjoy a nice home and a tasty meal. It’s all a mother can ask!




Energy Levels

Biscuit doesn’t like to exercise; even when eating, she is very gentle and doesn’t rush. She always walks like a queen on the runway with complete confidence and gorgeousness.




Biscuit doesn’t walk to strangers passively but instead keeps her distance and observes people. She only allows familiar people to pat and hold the leash. She is a little chilly that she pretends to be uninterested in treats, so you need to bring the treats right before her, then she will finally eat with joy.




Biscuit has leadership. Although she scares away the dogs who approach her when eating or resting, she takes care of other dogs. If other dogs get wet in the rain, she helps them fix their coat fur. She’s admired among dogs.




Biscuit always has her rhythm. Having had a stormy life in the past, she is calm in any circumstances. The noise of lawnmowers or even the interruption from strangers does not rattle him. She can keep her mind in perfect peace no matter what.

Low High

Medical History

My health has been checked:

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Regular Worming Treatment