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Boy • 3 years old • Taurus • Black-brown with a white chest • 21kg • Mixed Breed

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My story

My story

HsiaoBai, who isn't really white, often surprises people and puts a knowing smile on their faces. That's because HsiaoBai only has a bit of white on his chest! In May 2021, it was reported that there was an owner abusing a dog, dragging it around with an iron chain and chasing it with a stick. At that time, HsiaoBai was just 1 year old and suffered greatly both physically and emotionally. After joining PACK, HsiaoBai was extremely sensitive to people's movements. His eyes were always wide open and he was always ready to hide. He was also very resistant to being leashed. Improper care led HsiaoBai to get heartworm. However, after long-term treatment and 2 years of loving companionship at PACK, HsiaoBai can now interact normally with people. His eyes are softer and he enjoys playing with basic command training, which gives him a great sense of achievement! It's not easy for an abused dog to.



HsiaoBai has a lively and playful personality, but he's also easily scared and less socialized, being particularly sensitive to sounds and human movements. Yet, at his core, HsiaoBai is a dog who loves people. He craves human interaction and can keep his focus on his owner constantly, making him a very interactive dog.


Energy Levels

HsiaoBai is an energetic and playful dog. However, his responses can sometimes be intense and he's easily frightened.




He is very eager to interact with people, but still needs to learn some manners. For instance, he tends to pounce and mouth during play, but will stop when corrected. His favorite activity is command training.




HsiaoBai is easily guided when he is emotionally stable, but can be hard to control when frightened or encountering unfamiliar situations.




HsiaoBai's adaptability is relatively weak. His lack of socialization as a puppy, coupled with the traumatic experiences of abuse, means that he needs more time to adjust to new environments.

Low High
Foster Family Says

HsiaoBai is a dog who is very well-behaved, smart, obedient, and suitable for beginners - he's almost an angelic dog! He is not particularly destructive or noisy, and he doesn't show separation anxiety. A family new to dog ownership should be able to get along with him easily. The reason why he's 'almost' angelic is because he does have a few minor issues. For instance, he gets very excited when going for walks and pulls quite hard on the leash, to the point where it requires a strong person to handle him. HsiaoBai is also very food-oriented; when food appears, his saliva flows vigorously. However, we've never seen him going after food on tables or rummaging through trash cans. He also needs to urinate 2-3 times a day, within a span of 11-14 hours; otherwise, he may end up using the bathroom at home.


As long as HsiaoBai has food and occasional companionship, he is very content. He's an easy-to-please boy. Every day when he knows someone is coming home, he will hover at the door with his tail wagging vigorously. He doesn't cling to people much, but he gets very happy when someone pays attention to him. He will wait gently by your side for you to pet him, without nudging you forcefully or behaving excessively. His obedient and people-loving personality also leads to him taking commands very seriously; he learns new commands very quickly. Aside from playing a little too hard and getting a bit overexcited with other dogs, he's a good dog with hardly any major flaws!

Medical History

My health has been checked:

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Regular Worming Treatment

HsiaoBai has been treated for heartworm and is now cured. He currently does not have any other medical issues.
My Behavior

My Behavior

HsiaoBai has a medium to large build, he is very perceptive and quick-witted. The biggest issue with HsiaoBai is that he can become aggressive when walking on a leash. This is partly due to his negative experiences with leashes when he was young, and partly due to his lack of socialization which makes him easily nervous from minor disturbances. He may want to quickly escape or hide when disturbed, and given HsiaoBai's strength, extra caution is needed when taking him for walks. HsiaoBai lacks experience interacting with other dogs. He is playful but does not know how to control his strength, so he needs to be stopped at the appropriate times. HsiaoBai is a sensitive dog and needs an experienced owner to guide him​.

My Behavior


Tolerance Levels

At PACK Academy, we socialize our dogs by exposing them to different stimuli and recording their tolerance levels for each one. These oservations help us understand the dogs better, which then helps us find suitable homes for them.


HsiaoBai likes to interact with strangers, especially if they have food.



HsiaoBai doesn't quite know how to interact with other dogs; play might escalate and become too intense.



HsiaoBai is not interested in cats.



HsiaoBai can be easily startled by sudden movements or loud screams from children.



HsiaoBai is sensitive to noise. When scared, he lowers his body and looks for a place to hide.



HsiaoBai accepts being petted, but doesn't seem to enjoy it too much.



Behavior observations

There are some common behavior issues that we see in dogs who have spent a significant amount of time in a shelter. We assess our dogs for these behaviors and provide training plans for adopters to help manage them.


HsiaoBai might bark a couple of times when other dogs are let out and he wants to join them, but he doesn't bark unnecessarily when in his cage.


Separation Anxiety

No observed separation anxiety.



No observed aggression.


Resource Guarding

No observed behavior of guarding food or possessions.


Destructive Chewing

HsiaoBai has not been observed to destroy anything.



Obedience Training

Obedience training is critical for nurturing healthy dog-human relationships and having a well-behaving dog. Our dogs receive basic training at PACK Academy, which provides a foundation for communication between dog and human.



HsiaoBai understands his name.


Yes & No

HsiaoBai understands the meaning of "Yes" and "No".


Potty Trained

HsiaoBai usually doesn't eliminate in the room.


Good on Leash

HsiaoBai can become aggressive when walking on a leash, but he is more stable in familiar environments.



HsiaoBai understands the command to sit.



HsiaoBai will eagerly lie down when commanded.



HsiaoBai understands the command to stay.



HsiaoBai will come quickly when called.



HsiaoBai will give his paw with force when asked to shake hands.