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Girl • 10 years old • Leo • Cream-colored • 2kg • Miniature Dachshund

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My story

My story

In early September 2023, the long-haired dachshund, Hsiaohua, was cruelly abandoned at the doorstep of PACK Taiwan. When we found her, she was soaked through, trembling incessantly, with swollen eyes silently pleading for help. What's even more heartbreaking is that Hsiaohua's health was in an extremely fragile state. The vet diagnosed her with prolonged malnutrition, inflamed and missing teeth, overall inflammation, and a mammary tumor.It's truly unimaginable how a 10-year-old like Hsiaohua managed to endure her past struggles. Unable to bear the thought of such a tiny being enduring such torment, we arranged for Hsiaohua to receive medical examination and treatment. Her severely damaged teeth were extracted, allowing her to eat comfortably. After taking some time to regain her strength, the mammary tumor was successfully removed.Currently, Hsiaohua is recuperating in our interim home, with her wounds and ailments fully healed. This resilient pup, now restored to health, is patiently waiting for a warm and loving home, a place where she can peacefully enjoy her golden years.



Meet Hsiaohua, the brave 10-year-old who conquered the challenges of a mammary tumor! After undergoing treatment and making a full recovery, she's now the happiest little pup, joyfully rushing towards anyone she likes! However, if she's not familiar with you, she might shake a bit while cautiously observing strangers. She won't come close unless you give her a hug. After a few days of getting acquainted, she becomes absolutely delighted to be petted and cuddled, and she might even jump onto your lap all by herself!


Energy Levels

Given Hsiaohua's age and health condition, she falls into the category of dogs who enjoy taking walks. Of course, she would also love being carried for a stroll!




Hsiaohua is a bit shy and takes her time warming up. She won't approach unfamiliar dogs or people on her own initially, but after a few days of getting acquainted, she'll be all about sticking close to you!




Hsiaohua is an incredibly affectionate dog, always sticking close to her human companions. She'll follow your every step around the house and prefers snuggling up next to you when it's time to sleep. ?? She's a true companion, seeking comfort in the presence of her loved ones.




Hsiaohua takes a bit of time to adjust, especially in new surroundings, and her pace is on the slower side. When it comes to changing locations, she may not show much interest in eating right away. Instead, she tends to explore her surroundings first, and you'll rarely hear her bark. ?? It just takes her a little while to get comfortable in new environments.

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Foster Family Says

Hsiaohua is truly an angelic pup—quiet, affectionate, and gentle. She loves to cuddle and stay close, showing a sweet and well-behaved demeanor. However, like all adorable creatures, she has her quirks. For instance, she can be a bit picky when it comes to food. Part of it is due to her limited number of teeth, making her prefer softer options. Another part is her distinct taste preferences—she'll persistently ask for her favorites and politely decline what she doesn't fancy. Moreover, Hsiaohua is incredibly clingy. If you're frequently missing something, like space on your lap, your side, or your back, she might just be the perfect little human accessory!

Medical History

My health has been checked:

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Regular Worming Treatment

Hsiaohua once endured the challenges of prolonged malnutrition, severe dental issues, overall inflammation, and the pain of a mammary tumor. However, after receiving proper treatment, she has fully recovered! Currently, she doesn't have any other medical issues and is in good health.
My Behavior

My Behavior

Hsiaohua is quite fond of humans, and compared to dogs, strangers find it easier to approach her. She's a bit less comfortable around other dogs, tending to avoid them, though without any sign of dislike – she just prefers to keep her distance and might run away. Hsiaohua has a strong reliance on people; when no one's at home, she tends to pace around for about 3-5 hours before finding a spot to rest. Importantly, she doesn't bark during this time and patiently waits for someone to return.

My Behavior


Tolerance Levels

At PACK Academy, we socialize our dogs by exposing them to different stimuli and recording their tolerance levels for each one. These oservations help us understand the dogs better, which then helps us find suitable homes for them.


Hsiaohua is a bit shy, but after spending some time with strangers, she becomes more comfortable and is more likely to approach. She just needs a little time to warm up to new faces!



Hsiaohua is not very accustomed to interacting with other dogs; she tends to find ways to avoid them. However, it's not a matter of dislike – she just prefers to keep her distance and might choose to run away. She's more of a solo adventurer!



Hsiaohua has not had any exposure to cats.



Just like with strangers, Hsiaohua also needs a bit of time to get comfortable with new people. She appreciates a gentle and patient approach!



Hsiaohua doesn't show much reaction to sounds. Whether it's quiet or noisy, she remains calm and composed.



Hsiaohua absolutely loves being petted and cuddled. In fact, she's so fond of it that she might even jump onto your lap all by herself! She's a true cuddle enthusiast!



Behavior observations

There are some common behavior issues that we see in dogs who have spent a significant amount of time in a shelter. We assess our dogs for these behaviors and provide training plans for adopters to help manage them.


Hsiaohua is not a barker! Whether it's strangers or visitors, she remains quiet and composed, making her a peaceful and welcoming companion.


Separation Anxiety

Hsiaohua has a strong dependence on people. When left alone, she tends to wander around for about 3-5 hours before finding a place to rest. Importantly, she doesn't bark but patiently waits in silence. She's a loyal companion, always waiting for the return of her human friends.



Hsiaohua is completely non-aggressive.


Resource Guarding

Hsiaohua doesn't show any signs of food guarding.


Destructive Chewing

Hsiaohua has never been destructive.



Obedience Training

Obedience training is critical for nurturing healthy dog-human relationships and having a well-behaving dog. Our dogs receive basic training at PACK Academy, which provides a foundation for communication between dog and human.



Hsiaohua understands her name!


Yes & No

Hsiaohua might not be familiar with the meanings of "Yes" and "No."


Potty Trained

Hsiaohua is almost 100% successful in using the designated area for urination, but occasionally, there might be instances where she defecates outside of the diapered area. Regularly changing the diaper promptly seems to help minimize this issue. It's all about maintaining a consistent routine!


Good on Leash

Due to Hsiaohua's petite size, we usually let her roam freely in open spaces. However, when she ventures into crowded areas, the safest option is to cradle her in our arms to prevent any accidental stepping on her adorable paws.



Hsiaohua hasn't been trained on the "sit" command.



Hsiaohua hasn't been trained on the "down" command.



Hsiaohua understands "Stay."



Calling Hsiaohua to come is a breeze!



Hsiaohua hasn't mastered the "shake hands" command.