American Treasure Girl

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Girl • 4 years old • Gemini • Tabby • 15kg • Mixed Breed

I'm adopted. Please choose another dog.

My story

My story

In August 2023, when the specialist from Pack visited the Wugu Animal Shelter for assessment, Rose's unique temperament caught the attention of the evaluator. While other dogs were barking in alert, Rose was patiently waiting in her cage. This allowed her to pass the evaluation and enter Pack Prep School. Rose's paws had previously been injured, with the middle two toes missing, letting her constantly throw the "ROCK!!" gesture, resembling a rock star.

Upon arriving at the facility, Rose exuded a full-fledged celebrity aura. For some reason, other dogs seemed to enjoy playing with her. Due to her intelligence and obedience, Rose quickly learned basic commands and has adapted well to her foster family. Everyone praises her adaptability! This sweet and gentle dog is eagerly waiting for someone to give her the opportunity to become the best family member.



Rose has a Western-style coat and physique. She possesses a gentle and delicate personality, appearing introverted and shy. Her interactions with people take time to develop, and she tends to be nervous, especially when outdoors. However, she noticeably feels more comfortable indoors. Rose is cautious and quiet, exploring her surroundings upon entering a new indoor environment. Eventually, she finds a safe place to rest. If approached gently, she readily accepts pets, and she quickly gets along well with other dogs.

To foster a closer bond with Rose, it's important to take the initiative. Actively pet and cuddle her, frequently call her name, and soon enough, Rose will become increasingly friendly. The reserved Rose looks forward to meeting a gentle soul like yours, and in return, you'll gain an adorable and warm little companion.


Energy Levels

She doesn't actively seek closeness and only approaches pets and leans against you after becoming familiar. Most of the time at home, she tends to rest in a cozy spot. When outdoors, she may feel a bit nervous and tends to walk closely, staying by your feet.




She has a slightly shy and introverted personality, requiring you to take the initiative and approach her gently for her to become more familiar with you quickly.




Rose has a gentle and not overly dependent personality. However, when she doesn't want to cooperate, she can be quite persistent. For example, she might firmly press her feet against the door of a transport crate, refusing to come out.




She will explore new environments and new owners on her own, doing so gently without experiencing panic or anxiety. She exhibits good adaptability to different surroundings.

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Foster Family Says

As Rose grows closer to us, her adorable side begins to emerge. She joyfully greets you when you open the door, and sometimes, as you pass by, she stands up to sneakily lick your hand. When she's happy, she may stand up for a moment or come over to see what you're doing, then shyly return to her spot. However, whenever we move around, she promptly stands up, happily paying attention to our activities.

Medical History

My health has been checked:

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Regular Worming Treatment

Her right front paw has experienced an injury, resulting in the loss of the middle two toes. However, there are no other medical issues.
My Behavior

My Behavior

Rose tends to be cautious and wary when first introduced to unfamiliar people. Loud movements or noises can easily make her nervous, leading to behaviors like tail-tucking, fleeing, or whimpering. When initially petting her, it's important to be gentle, and with time and familiarity, she becomes more accepting of sudden touches.

My Behavior


Tolerance Levels

At PACK Academy, we socialize our dogs by exposing them to different stimuli and recording their tolerance levels for each one. These oservations help us understand the dogs better, which then helps us find suitable homes for them.


Rose interacts with strangers in a cautious manner, not readily approaching but also not displaying excessive nervousness or rejection.



Rose interacts well with other dogs, displaying friendly communication rather than exuberant playfulness.



She doesn't have a particular reaction to cats.



Similar to her behavior with strangers, she tends to maintain a distance and doesn't immediately approach when interacting with cats.



Rose tends to get nervous around louder noises and may want to leave the area quickly.



Initially, petting Rose requires a gentle touch, but as she becomes more familiar, she becomes more accepting of sudden touches.



Behavior observations

There are some common behavior issues that we see in dogs who have spent a significant amount of time in a shelter. We assess our dogs for these behaviors and provide training plans for adopters to help manage them.


When Rose feels afraid, she might bark or make whimpering sounds, but she generally doesn't bark under normal circumstances.


Separation Anxiety

If Rose senses that there's no one around, she may emit whimpering sounds, but shortly afterward, she tends to calm down on her own.



She does not display any aggressive behavior.


Resource Guarding

There is no observed food guarding behavior.


Destructive Chewing

She has not shown any destructive behavior.



Obedience Training

Obedience training is critical for nurturing healthy dog-human relationships and having a well-behaving dog. Our dogs receive basic training at PACK Academy, which provides a foundation for communication between dog and human.



It seems like Rose understands her name, but she may not respond to it when outdoors or when she feels anxious.


Yes & No

Rose may sometimes be unclear about the meanings of "Yes" and "No."


Potty Trained

Rose is accustomed to using a pee pad indoors for her bathroom needs.


Good on Leash

Taking Rose for a walk outdoors can make her more nervous. She may walk from side to side, being cautious not to step on her feet.



Rose understands the command "sit."



Rose is not yet fully familiar with the command to "lie down."



Rose understands the command "wait."



Rose comes when called.



Rose understands the command "shake hands."