Girl • 9 years old • Sagittarius • Beige • Mixed Breed

My story

My story

Do you get anxious when you’re alone? Do you also feel uneasy when there’s no one there to accompany you? Me too!

I’m Ellena! I’m super active and I love to be with people I trust. My favorite thing to do is run around my humans and wait for them to pet my belly and head because it makes me feel loved and needed.

I might be too shy to approach strangers at first, but once I get to know you, we’ll become close friends no matter how old or young you are. Once we’re friends, I’ll remember you forever!

I used to live with a foster family for a while but my separation anxiety made it very difficult for me to be alone. Whenever they left the house, I would get nervous and start destroying things at home. Needless to say, living in a home has been tough!

Coming back to the PACK Taiwan shelter made me feel much more comfortable. There are lots of humans and other dogs to keep me company here so that I would never be lonely.

Are you familiar with this type of feeling? Maybe it’s because we have something in common that you would read this far. I have lovely lop ears, the sweetest smile and a petite body. I’m very popular at PACK Taiwan because I’m super loyal, gentle, lively and dependable.

There are many dogs like me here who long to be taken care of and loved. We are all the same. We have a fear of separation and loneliness. We all need a home that allows us to be our best selves. If you are willing to open up your heart and let me in, I promise to always stick with you and be your best friend!




Energy Levels

She needs activities arranged to burn her energy.




Ellena tends to be more timid when going out and meeting new people or other dogs, but she could get super excited when seeing someone she likes.




Highly sensitive, Ellena tends to be nervous when going out so she would walk slowly and always stay close to her owner.




With high sensitivity to sounds and the environment, Ellena gets nervous easily and would bark to react. It takes her some time to get comfortable in a new place with a variety of sounds.

Low High

Medical History

My health has been checked:

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Regular Worming Treatment