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Girl • 1 year old • Pisces • Tabby • 13kg • Mixed Breed

My story

My story

In November 2023, Lily joined PACK Academy. Lily had been wandering in the fields of Tainan with her best friend, a black dog named "Bell Brother," since she was young. There were people with kind-heart provided them with food and care, and assisted in getting them neutered. Due to the collar around Bell Brother's neck, it was necessary to announce a search for the owner before performing the neutering procedure. Consequently, Lily underwent the surgery and stayed in the hospital. Sadly, during Lily's hospitalization, Bell Brother was fatally bitten by a dog that was allowed to roam freely by nearby residents.

Rescuers were concerned that Lily might face similar attacks once released, so they sought help from various sources. With the assistance of dedicated volunteers, PACK Evaluation Team successfully brought Lily back to the PACK Sanctuary. Lily is young, friendly, and easily trainable. However, she lacks socialization within a family setting. Would you be willing to be a foster to her? It would be even better if you could adopt her directly after she adapts



Lily is very young, but she has a gentle and cheerful personality, making her easily approachable by both dogs and people. With Lily's intelligence and stability, she has become an outstanding student at PACK Academy. She mastered basic commands in just two weeks of training, and within less than a month, she's ready for foster home! Lily is a delightful and well-behaved companion.  However, there's an interesting quirk about Lily – if she encounters a sudden loud noise, she jumps up in a manner similar to a cat! Despite her overall good nature, Lily can be a bit nervous in unfamiliar environments.


Energy Levels

Lily, who is usually calm when resting becomes instantly active when she sees you have food in your hand! She starts moving around you, and at this time, if you give her commands, she will execute them very accurately. During walks, Lily can walk alongside people without darting around, making her an excellent companion for leisurely strolls!




It only takes a few minutes to become close to Lily! Lily is friendly towards strangers, approaches with curiosity but not overly enthusiastic, making her a gentle and polite communicator.




Lily has a mild and non-excessive dependence on others. As long as you have treats in hand, you can easily communicate with her!




Lily has good adaptability to different environments and doesn't experience panic or anxiety. She quickly interacts with people, even displaying affectionate behaviors. However, it may take a bit more time for her to warm up to other dogs.

Low High
Foster Family Says

It seems that Lily is quite fearful of taking a bath and the blow dryer, reacting similarly to a cat by jumping. When other dogs get too close, she becomes wary, with her fur standing on her back and eyes wide open. In such situations, any actions from the other dog, like jumping, approaching, barking, or sneezing, trigger a strong reaction from Lily, causing her to jump and react significantly.  So, for now, I'm not daring to let Lily interact with other dogs, as there could be potential risks. Other than that, Lily's adaptation to the environment, people, and care aspects is positive.

Medical History

My health has been checked:

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Regular Worming Treatment

There is no other medical issues.
My Behavior

My Behavior

If there are sudden loud movements or noises, it makes Lily nervous, causing her to jump. When facing dogs she doesn't like, Lily becomes alert, her fur stands on her back and her eyes widen—a reaction similar to a cat. If the other dog doesn't look at Lily or continues approaching, she can calm down. However, if the approach persists or there are loud noises,Lily would becomes tense and exhibits the aforementioned startled reactions. Therefore, giving Lily some time and space, along with her favorite food, helps her gradually adapt.

My Behavior


Tolerance Levels

At PACK Academy, we socialize our dogs by exposing them to different stimuli and recording their tolerance levels for each one. These oservations help us understand the dogs better, which then helps us find suitable homes for them.


Lily is very friendly towards strangers. She approaches with curiosity but not excessive enthusiasm, gradually getting closer and engaging in gentle interactions. It doesn't take long for someone to become close to Lily!



If unfamiliar dogs do not approach or stare at Lily, everything remains calm. However, if they come near or make a sound, Lily becomes very nervous, might bolt or jump, and the fur on her back stands on end.



Seeing a cat makes Lily's fur stand on end, and her eyes widen in a stare



Lily has not had any contact with children yet.



In a familiar environment, Lily is less reactive to sounds. However, in a new environment, the presence of loud noises can startle Lily, causing her to jump.



Lily is comfortable with people she knows, allowing them to freely touch her all over. However, with strangers, it's advisable to start with gentle touches. Otherwise, sudden or overly large movements might startle Lily.



Behavior observations

There are some common behavior issues that we see in dogs who have spent a significant amount of time in a shelter. We assess our dogs for these behaviors and provide training plans for adopters to help manage them.


Lily doesn't bark normally.


Separation Anxiety

When there's no one around, Lily may make humming sounds, but shortly after, she tends to quiet down on her own.



Lily is generally non-aggressive. However, she gets scared during nail trimming. If you try to hold Lily to keep her stable, there might be warning gestures if your hand approaches her mouth, indicating discomfort or unease.


Resource Guarding

There is no observed food guarding behavior.


Destructive Chewing

When Lily is left alone and bored, she tends to chew on things she shouldn't



Obedience Training

Obedience training is critical for nurturing healthy dog-human relationships and having a well-behaving dog. Our dogs receive basic training at PACK Academy, which provides a foundation for communication between dog and human.



Lily understands her name.


Yes & No

Lily understands yes and no.


Potty Trained

Currently, Lily is less inclined to poop and pee when she is at outside and tends to do so in a quiet indoor location.


Good on Leash

Walking with Lily is very pleasant; she doesn't pull and walks alongside people



Lily understands the command "sit."



Lily may not fully grasp the "lie down" command yet, but she responds when there's food involved.



Lily can understand waiting.



Lily comes when called.



Lily understands the command "shake hands."