Furbo x PACK Taiwan

A special offer from Furbo Dog Camera! Furbo plays an integral role in the observation and socialization of PACK Academy dogs.

To celebrate the launch of our partnership, Furbo is offering a discount for PACK supporters when purchasing a Furbo Dog Camera.

Furbo is the world's first treat-tossing camera designed just for dogs. It lets you see, talk and toss treats to your dog when you're not home. 

Furbo contributes to Furbo For Good for each unit sold. The Furbo charity fund will be used to support community initiatives and charities that are doing great work in the field of Animal Welfare.

PACK Adoption Care Package

For every dog that is successfully adopted from PACK Taiwan, the adopter will received a complimentary Furbo Dog Camera!

Special Offer for PACK Supporters

Already have a dog? Visit the Furbo website and enter code "PACKTW" to receive NTD$300 off your purchase.