The "2024 Australian Firefighters Calendar" is hotly listed!

Thank you for your support, it is currently sold out!

As soon as the news of subscribing to the "2024 Australian Firefighters Calendar" was released last weekend, all calendars were sold out quickly. Thanks a lot for your support for stray dogs and PACK!

Last week, the "Australian Firefighters Calendar" team came to PACK shelter to care for stray dogs. They were deeply moved after understanding the PACK's philosophy of caring for the dogs. Therefore, they are willing to urgently print 100 calendars and generously provide them to the charity sale. Friends who were too late to order last time, please be sure to seize the last chance!

Established in 1993, the Australian Firefighters Calendar has raised more than $3.45 million over the past 30 years to support the charities all around the world. Now you can help Taiwan's stray dogs by purchasing the "2024 Australian Firefighters Calendar"!

This year, the ”Australian Firefighters Calendar" has generously donated 100 copies to PACK Taiwan for charity sales, hoping to encourage the public to pay attention on the stray dog issue in Taiwan through the heartwarming photos of firefighters and adorable dogs. The "2024 Australian Firefighters Calendar" is priced at $500 each, it will be fully used as the funds for PACK’s continuous charities and relevant adoption activities.

PACK Taiwan offers a high-quality home for up to 200 of Taiwan’s forgotten dogs—the sick, disabled, senior, and neglected. Our 4-stage system, PACK Academy, trains and socializes dogs to prepare them for their journey from street to home. Subscribe to the calendar and join us to become the guardians of forgotten dogs in the upcoming year!

This is non-autographed version!

※Due to the limited manpower of the association, the calendar will be sent out in the middle of the next month after the order is placed. Thank you for your patience.