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Our Virtual Pets have big personalities and stories to tell! Some have survived abuse, and others have survived sickness. Some are still sick. We have many of these dogs living at PACK HQ.

You receive the following* when you sponsor one of our Virtual Pets:

  • 6 communications or updates from your dog each year
  • Notification of significant life events, such as illness, surgery, death
  • 1 video diary or live-streamed play date from your dog each year
  • 1 visit to see your dog each year (must be scheduled 30 days in advance)
  • Notification when your dog will attend an event
*All communications will be delivered in Chinese.

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Meet the Stars

Company Mascots


Kanga, Girl, 10 years

Sponsored by Australian Firefighters Calendar

Kanga was spotted dragging her hind legs around in the street. According to neighbors, she was hit by a hit-and-run car. She lives in a disabled room PACK with other paralyzed dogs. She may be shy around new people, but once someone spends time with her and earns her trust, she can be the sweetest and most affectionate girl ever.

She loves to go for walks in her wheelchair, walk around the garden, and smell the grass.

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Jasmine, Girl, 8 years

Sponsored by BMW Taoyuan Ta Tung

Jasmine, who is blind in both eyes, doesn't let her condition affect her mood at all! She is very lively, loves to talk, and likes to go out for walks with her friends at PACK Taiwan. Because she can't see, when she meets strangers, she will use her mouth to gently nibble you just to get to know you. At the same time, she can also be a bit naughty! The door of Jasmine's room has been destroyed countless times that PACK staff has installed many creative mechanisms to prevent it from happening again.

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Napawléon, Boy, 6 years

Sponsored by Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie France-Taiwan

Napawléon is a sweet, 6 year-old labrador mix. He was hit by a car and was suffering in extreme pain before a kind woman found him and rescued him. He was nearly euthanized because the vet thought he wouldn't make it. PACK Taiwan learned of the situation and stepped in immediately to give Napawléon not only the medical care he needed, but a comfortable environment where he could recuperate.

Today, Nawpawleon stays at the home of one of PACK's super fosters. He is paralyzed from the waist down but can use a wheelchair to get around. In 2021, Napawléon was virtually adopted by Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie France-Taiwan and PACK shares regular updates with the organization.



Stitches, Grandma, 14 years

Sponsored by Crédit Agricole CIB

Stitches came to PACK Taiwan after losing her right eye. She had numerous scars on her body and was unable to balance herself when walking. Later, her left eye needed to be removed after it became infected. Even without vision, Stitches remains full of life, running around and playing with her friends in the garden.

We don’t know how she sustained so many scars on her body but it’s clear that the wounds didn’t make her fearful of humans. To this day, she greets all visitors with passion and hospitality to let everyone know that she’s happy and well.

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Woodie, Girl, 6 years

Sponsored by DET

Woodie was improperly raised in the past, resulting in some deformation of the ankle joints, and walking is not as smooth as ordinary dogs. Also, because he had skin diseases before, his hair grew unevenly, which has now become a unique feature of Woodie. Having a mix-breed of Pit Buff, although she has a ferocious appearance, she is actually very kind and friendly; in addition, she cannot live in the same room with other dogs but must live by herself. 

Woodie likes to bask in the sun, take walks, and also likes to be touched. At times, she can be a willful girl as it would be a challenge to get her back to the room from outside if she is dissatisfied with not enough sunbathing.

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Kido, Boy, 10 years

Sponsored by POPCARE

Kido is a very friendly dog. With the loss of his right front foot and left paw, he is less energetic than other dogs who are about the same age, and it also makes him calm down easily when he is emotionally high.

A little shy in nature, Kido will observe strangers for a while, but once he becomes acquainted with the strangers, he would request a lot of attention. He enjoys the company of people very much and also likes to go for a walk. So, he adapted to the leash quickly. Although missing the soles of his feet have caused him to walk rather slowly, it did not affect a bit of his curiosity to explore the world at all. Groping is always Kido's greatest joy when walking.



Chuen Chuen,Boy,13 years

Sponsored by ANZCham

ChuenChuen is a rare mix of a long-haired, large terrier in Taiwan. He has a shy personality and takes a long time to adapt. However, living with PACK, he has completely relaxed his heart and become very close to his family. He likes to chase and run with his companions, and he smiles like the little sun every day!

ChuenChuen can take a bath and walk on a leash. At the same time, he really likes treats and interacting with people!

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River, Boy, 13 years

Sponsored by Wellness Quality Perfection

River was found on the roadside in 2014. People who fed him were worried that River was too dangerous on the road and sought help from PACK. Although River walked with a limp, surprisingly, he was very quick. PACK took a while to catch him. After going to the vet for an examination, it seemed that he had problems with his hind legs since he was a child, and it was impossible to recover. He also had a chip, but the owner doesn’t want him anymore.

From then on, River became one of the PACK and started to trust humans again. Now, he loves attention and likes to play with his roommates.

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AnAn,Grandmama,14 years

Sponsored by Wellness Quality Perfection

AnAn was originally a stray dog ​​in the Guting area. She was being transferred to many different fosters for their concerns of her aging inconvenience. Also, for some of the fosters’ health conditions, it was uneasy for them to continually take care of themselves and grandma AnAn at the same time. Eventually, AnAn has come to join The PACK family.

Grandma AnAn is now 14-year-old and lives with a younger dog. Perhaps because her age and experiences have led her wiser, she turns a blind eye to the young dog’s noises and naughtiness. Besides accepting her young roommate’s occasionally spoiled brat act, they have become super tacit understanding roommates to each other.

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