Squat with your loving dog or cat to raise money for PACK!
1 squat = NT$100
Tag us, use the hashtags,share your videos and challenge your friends.



From 1st July to 30th September, squat with your loving dog or cat. Donate the equivalent amount (1 squat = NT$100). Tag us, use the hashtags, share your videos and challenge your friends.
  • Our goal is to raise NT$1,000,000 from 1st July to 30th September 12% 12%
  • Our goal is to raise NT$1,000,000 from 1st July to 30th September 12% 12%

Why this campaign?

Did you know there are over 150,000 stray dogs in Taiwan? The public shelters can only help 7376 dogs so the private shelters are the only hope for many dogs.

PACK cares for 266 dogs suffering from inhuman traps, disease or abandonment, many who are too old or too sick to ever be adopted. Our dogs depend on donors like you to survive.

In order to raise NT$1 million to cover the food cost for the whole year, we are organizing the campaign “Muscle for Meals – Squat for Kibble” between July 1 and September 30. Every squat equals $100 donation.

How to participate?

  1. Squat with your dog or cat and film it.
  2. Donate the equivalent amount – 1 squat = NT$100
  3. Share your video together with these hashtags #肌肉換肉肉 #muscleformeals #packtw 
  4. Challenge your family or friends to join the competition!

Don’t forget to…

  1. Come back and DONATE after your squats are done : )
  2. Use these hashtags  #肌肉換肉肉 #muscleformeals #packtw
  3. Tag us on instagram @packsanctuaryofficial, or Facebook @ThePACKSanctuary, and SHARE this page!

How will we spend the money?

Our goal is to raise NT$ 1 million to cover the food cost for a year, which includes kibbles, cans, treats or fresh meat for old or dogs after surgery.

$100 can help feed 10 dogs for a day. Join us and help raise the food for 266 dogs for a year!

If we raise more than NT$ 1 million, the money will be used to cover other expenses such as maintenance, medical bills etc.

100 Kg of kibble / day

Daily cost: $450/bag*6 bags = NT$2,700

Sponsor 1 meal

Donate NT$1,000 to sponsor 1 meal for 266 dogs.

Sponsor 1.5 meals

Sponsor 1.5 meals for 266 dogs.

Who can participate? EVERYONE!

Everyone is welcome to give a helping hand to dogs waiting for homes.

Join them for the cause

Faye & Elias

Faye and Elias completed the squat campaign, how many dogs showed up in the video?

Ping & Karen

Ping and Karen just finished the squat campaign with their 2 fur babies, can you beat them?

Vivi & Oscar

Vivi from Enspyre just finished the squat campaign with Oscar, join them!

Judy & Candy

Judy and Candyjust finished the squat campagin, join them!

Gina & Ball

Gina and her baby ball completed the squat to raise money for PACK, check out their video!

Vivek & Xena

Vivek and Xena just finished the squat campagin, join them!

What if I don’t have a dog or cat?

  1. Borrow your friends’ or neighbors’ dogs or cats.
  2. Adopt or foster a dog from PACK!
  3. Join one of our Squat Events and work out with one of PACK’s friendly dogs:
    – Volunteer Day on 7/25, 7/26 (check details on our Facebook)

Share yours with us

If you allow us to use your video in our compilation videos, please share with us!
(a Google account sign-in is required for uploading files)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join this campaign?

Squat with your pets, donate the equivalent amount (1 squat = $100). Share your video on IG or FB, use the hashtags and challenge your friends or families.

If I don’t have pets, can I still join this campaign?

Not a problem. Perhaps you can borrow one from a neighbor or friend? Or meet us at one of our events to do the squat with our friendly PACK dogs. Or you could just go ahead and foster or adopt one of our dogs. Come on, you know you need a new best friend 🙂

I don’t know how to squat, can you teach me?

You’ve come to the right place. Squat is not that hard, watch this video here, feel free to contact us if you run into problems.

Can I skip the squatting and just donate?

Sure, of course that wold also be fantastic. Please click here to donate. Thank you!

Participating Teams

Achilles Fitness GYM

This gym in Taipei has a great community! They are truly the squatting experts!

Funds Raised


The French Chamber of Commerce CCIFT is one of PACK’s biggest supporters.

Funds Raised


Enspyre is a dog-friendly B2B marketing company in Taipei. Check out their squats!

Funds Raised


Baiwin is an antiques furniture store run by one of PACK’s board members, Faye.

Funds Raised

Does your team like a challenge? Squat for Kibble with US!