Our sponsor program is being upgraded and refreshed! The new program will feature more frequent updates, bringing you even closer to your virtual pet.

We will announce the new program in August.


At PACK Sanctuary we care for hundreds of animals. Many of them are special needs animals that require extra attention and expenses. We have blind animals, animals with just two limbs, animals with cancer, and animals that are just plain aging.

Some dogs will most likely never be adopted because of their age or temperament. But we love our long stay dogs for the rest of their lives!

We have many dogs that would be lovely family members but they need a bit more training. Maybe they have not lived with a family before and need to be eased into the situation.

Without the regular support of wonderful donors like you, we could never take care of so many special needs animals. Please consider sponsoring one of our animals below. As thanks for your support we will send you regular updates about your new sponsored animal. And when you have time, please schedule in a visit. Perhaps during a volunteer day?

Buddy / Male / 2013

Kanga / Female / 2013

Kido / Male / 2011

Rusty / Male / 2010

River / Male / 2010

Skipper / Male / 2007

Loki / Male / 出生 2011

Meatball / Male / 2015

Jasmin / Female / 2014

Napawleon / Male / 2016

Boxer / Male / 2009

Poppo / Male / 2011

Chichi / Female / 出生 2012

Fido / Male / 2008